QR Codes


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According to, ScanLife, RedLaser and ComScore, QR code scanning continues to trend up. ScanLife reports a 266% increase in scans from 2011 to 2012.

The Challenge has been, once you create a QR code, it always points to the same place.

The usual way to create a QR code is to enter a URL into QR-code software. This URL is embedded in the QR code. Then, you print the QR code on your brochures, packaging materials, labels, etc. This QR Code always stays the same until you run out of your printed materials.

The MMiScan way…
MMiScan allows you to update your destination URL at any time. You can print the QR Code on your brochures, business cards, websites, packaging materials, and, if your promotion or marketing needs change, you simply come to, log into your account and change the URL. Now, you have a fresh destination for your customers or prospects to visit.

This allows for contests, new content, move the destination from Facebook to Twitter to Linkedin, to a sign-up page…anywhere you want, and, completely on the fly. An MMiScan QR code can be used over and over again allowing you to have fresh content as often as you want.

A printed MMiScan QR Code allows you to print more materials with your QR code, resulting in lower printing costs. Existing brochures and other printed materials are always fresh and up-to-date resulting in fewer materials being discarded.

Digital MMiScan QR Codes embedded on website pages never need to be changed…just change the destination of your QR code and you do not have to get your webmaster involved to change your website

Sign in to your MMiScan account and view your analytics….or easily add the destination of your QR code to your Google Analytics account for real time research of how many people are scanning your code and their activity on your website.

Materials that have been distributed to customers can be scanned again and again – once you change the destination URL of the MMiScan QR code, your customers will have a new experience. This is a perfect way to get your customers to connect with you over and over again.