The following are recommendations from Nationwide Barcode customers who have purchased UPC barcodes or EAN barcodes enabling them to get their products in stores, on Amazon and other online retailers. We make it easy for you to buy a UPC barcode. Here is a list of our satisfied clients.

Leesa from Bixby Honey Farm: Great site! Lots of information. Very easy to use. Love the tutorials! Affordable.

Arizona Woodwind & Brass LLC from Joel: Great service. Thanks, Joel

I am very impressed and pleased with your service. This is our first experience with barcodes and you have made it a most pleasant one.  Life Time Health

Julia Hobson: Very easy to purchase bar codes and the tutorials were great. Thanks!

Dragan from Alba Graeca: Thank You very much. At first place I was very suspicious but everything seems to be right. Very easy and convenient. Cheers…

Tim from Tim Newlin: So far, so good. I talked to Phil, things seem legit. Now I got my numbers, now its time to use them.

Christian “Charlie” Kenesson from Kenesson Design Inc: This was way, way too easy. Under 5 minutes from start to finish. Makes me wonder if I was doing it wrong. But it looks good…and the price is terrific.

Amanda Hughes from River’s Bend Winery and Vineyard: Very easy to read website. Did not have any errors when I clicked on a link for more information regarding product. Very informative website. The check out process was a breeze. Downloading the barcodes, numbers, and guide only took about 5 minutes. All-in-all very easy to do.

Conclave Editora: Great service! Simple and good! Thank you.

Peel and Heel: Great. So straight forward and simple, you can’t go wrong.

Regine Mars from The Gingerbread Heritage: The experience has been great so far. Quick, efficient and extremely useful service, especially with the bar code graphics.

Xiaoping Liu from Sunnexion GmbH & Co. KG:  The whole process was reliable and quick!

Bruce from Yadda-Yadda Design Co.: My 3rd time doing business with you and seamless as always! Thanks again!

Ron West from Ron West Global: Quick, simply, informative, and easy!

Fantastic! Working really well for me – Thanks so much! Patty @ Happy People Gear

KinderBike: Seamless and perfect. The video tutorial is also an excellent resource. Great job and thank you!

Tesha from Adventure Faith Books: Thank you for a very quick to the point of purchase with easy to read features.

Michael from Kettle Bears Popcorn LLC: Thanks, again!

Thank you so much for the ease and great price…what a find. This will allow me to move forward with my Amazon sales!

We have used Nationwide Barcodes for all our products on Amazon and have found it very easy indeed. Prices reasonable and instructions supplied to download certificate and list of barcodes bought have been very easy to follow.

Thank you will be back to purchase more.
Ruined Childhood Studios: Incredibly fast and reliable!! Website:

Errol from Duospace, Inc.: This could not have been easier, THANK YOU SO MUCH – I will recommend you highly

Carolyn Hall from When the right words matter:  As a new small (now) business, Phil at Nationwide explained the barcode process and then helped me navigate through it. I received friendly, courteous and affordable service for which I am grateful

BrainBeat: Thank you for making this a very simple process!

Quick and easy can not ask for more.

We needed to list our products with Amazon and found this to be the most efficient and affordable service available. Thank you. Website:

From Jerk Kitchen: I just want to say the Sales Representative Donna provides excellent service. She was polite and patient when asked any questions.

PalliPartners, LLC: 
Wow! That was quick and easy! Thank you!!! (Mindy)

Linda Susbauer from Wonderbeautifect Publishing: Experience of ordering Barcodes went beautifully. Easiest experience I have had in a long time. Your website is fantastic!

Thank you for all your information and for the ease of getting Barcodes.

Susan Dalmau from Pouched: Thank you for such an easy transaction. I was referred to you from a fellow business and happy that I decided to go with you. Even with my limited technical knowledge, it was so simple. I will recommend this site to anyone I know who needs some barcodes. Thanks again, Susan.

Cass Cannon from Peg’s Salt LLC: Thanks! It was easy and remarkably reasonable in price. I put this off for way too long!

From Kathryn Dokas: Unbelievably fast and easy. We fretted for months over obtaining barcodes – what a waste of energy! The concept is thoroughly explained on the website and the process is so fast, we feel foolish about our hesitation.

I highly recommend Nationwide barcode.

From Vegware US, Inc. – Quick and convenient, thanks

From Danielle Marie: Very good & amazingly affordable. Thank you for everything.

Joe from VarVeri Music: Great, thank you! Website:

from Egoody – There was a glitch with my order and Phil Called me back explain the internet glitch.. fixed my problems right away. Also gave me extras for the trouble.. Really happy and am now going to continue to do business with your company in the future. You have great deals. Thank you. Website:

From Steve: So simple quick and easy… Only took a couple minutes . and amazing low price!! Thank you Thank you Thank you…I will be back for more and I will spread the word to EVERYONE (except my competitors:)

Slade Grove from Slade Grove Creative Gourmet: This is my second purchase. The transaction was quick and very easy.

David Garner from Cottonwood Outdoors: You guys are great, very helpful and easy to work with. Thanks!

Wendy Pearson from Topeka Habitat for Humanity: Thank you for your service. Our barcode will help our non-profit with important fundraising efforts! And thank you for your very informative website!

Scott from WhaSUP: Great. A pleasure to talk to, then easy online service.

Dan Kennedy from Pete’s Mustard Company: Your company came highly recommended and now I know why. Very quick and smooth transaction. As our company grows we will be back for more. Thank you.

From WAT LABS LTD – Excellent service and website. Two determining factors led me to your site.
– The better business review with no complaints
– the ability to research competitors and what to look out for right on your site

Joel from McKissack Music – My first time to purchase UPC and it was fast and easy. I highly recommend this site.

Edd from Swift Auto Parts – Very fast and prompt service. easy to use website and barcode system. Website:

Teena Fuller from I found your company name listed as a registered reseller at and therefore felt safe purchasing the UPC codes from you. Your company offered the best available price and I received my UPC codes instantly upon payment.

Craig Sallin from Swedish Bitters Herb Company:  We were wanting to put all of our Swedish Bitters products, as referred by Maria Treben, on Amazon… but found out they now require UPC codes. Nationwide Barcode is by far the best value. Some sites actually charge crazy prices like $85 for your first UPC and $35 for each additional… I am so glad I did my research instead of following the advice of a marketing guru. The purchase process was simple, and within about a minute I had placed an order for 100 barcodes, that were provided to me for instant download. Thank you for offering an easy and affordable service.

Qaboss Partners uses Nationwide Barcode because its UPC and EAN barcodes let us keep track of our product line and we only want the best Logistics from start to finish. Our product labels are world-class with Nationwide Barcodes on them!!! Thank you to Phil Peretz President & Founder of Nationwide Barcode.Kvi El, CEO and Senior Partner of Qaboss Partners

From Playful Delights, Inc. Thank you for your support on our first venture in working with barcodes. We watched the video and found it very helpful. Now we can sell our products on some of the sites we do fulfillment for. Our purchase was fast, easy and we are pleased with the quick turnaround.

From Allan Pagba – I like the easy process as well as the certificate of authenticity. As soon as it was assigned I confirmed and validated the UPC code. It was a quick and painless process that would make me a repeat customer.

Epic Medical / Brian Theis: You did great, this is the second time I have used your service, thank you. I had purchased for Innopower and now for Epic Medical, thank you for your service.

Taste of Gluten-Free – Excellent info and quick service.

From:  Dean Phelps Wow! How easy was that! I ordered the UPC and barcode for my new CD, and there it was in a matter of seconds. Not only that, it cost me a fraction of what duplication and distribution providers would have charged. I’m going to recommend you to all the independent artists I know.

When I needed barcodes for our new line of products I turned to Nationwide. I called in with questions and actually talked to the owner. He was knowledgable and answered all of my questions. I would recommend Nationwide to anyone needing barcodes.
Kyle Taylor – Earthborn Clean

From HavnaBall, LLC – Website explained things thoroughly. The order was easy. Received UPCs and certificate immediately. Have not used them yet. Thank you.

James Russell from Aqua Fire Pit. I love using your service,it is always super fast and completely affordable for a small start up. Thank you!

Cool Food’s Suppliers LLC: Was great!

Gary Bourland from Exactly what I was looking for. Also, appreciate the information about bar codes your site provides. I’ll be back for all codes I will need…and I will need more.

Eric Steinberg from StockingsPlus, Inc.: I like your new automated process way better than when I purchased in 2010 and you emailed me the codes.

Russ Rowgo from No Fail Concepts, LLC The process was very easy and straightforward. I recommend doing your research before purchasing UPCs. If you do this, you will find that Nationwide will find its way to the top of your list. I admire the stance regarding “adult material”. That lines up with the principles of our company. Website:

From La’Lii Treats: So far, so good! I will I am excited. I finished my due diligence for UPC barcodes online and found no bad references to Nationwide Barcode. I like the way the website answered all my Q’s, and gave me the confidence to move forward with my enterprise. Thanks!

from Nick Marsicano: You were very helpful and made it easy to get my codes. All the information out there on the internet just causes a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of UPC codes. I was happy when I found your site and read your material. All I can say is THANKS

Jim from Nuke-R: Completely painless. I thought I would be spending $740 today but spent 1%! You guys rock! I will be returning to register more products. Thank you, Jim – Website:

From 316 Morning Songs: This was so fast and easy I believe in people again.

Douglas W. Owens from Studio O LLC:  Quick, affordable, and comprehensive. Very easy to do business with, I greatly appreciate your service.

Margaret George from M G Special Education: Efficient, simple, quick and exactly what I needed.

Lynn Kennedy Baxter from High Five Motivation, LLC: Thank you so much for an easy, educational and inexpensive experience. I am totally new to the publishing business, so I value the clarity of your education and instructions. You provide a very valuable service to the author and inexperienced publisher.

Lynn Kennedy Baxter, RN, MA

We are a CD and DVD manufacturing company. We use Nationwide Barcode whenever our clients need a UPC Barcode for their retail-ready CD or DVD product.  Nationwide Barcode is our partner for success. Rahul Khanna –

From HEVI-BEADS / REED SWALLOW Excellent. Well done.

James from Evening Shade Farms Inc: I purchased and download all the UPC and EAN materials that were provided with no problems. We received them very quickly. Now it will take time to put them into place and the real test will begin to see if they will work for us. Thank you very much for all of the great information about all the different types of coding.

A.B.E. Productions: You did an awesome job thank you.

Peter M Dudek from Access Nutraceuticals: Great experience. Loved the video. That’s what sold me. Website:

Nick from Nuttin Like It! – I haven’t had a chance to try my codes out yet, but I am confident that they will work, and for the right price! I shopped around before using your company and found 2 others that were in your price range. To be honest, they were slightly less expensive, although not based in the US. My main reason for choosing your company? Customer service! Being new to the UPC bar code game, I made several calls with “rookie” style questions – The service that I received before spending my measly $40 was exemplary! Thanks and kudos to you!

Steve from Two Bit Jukebox: Quick and smooth transaction. Website:

I viewed your presentation All about UPC and EAN Barcodes, read the free e-book Barcodes Demystified, I then purchased 25 Barcodes to get me started, uploaded my first product successfully on and before I do anything else, would like to say Thank you for the free information you provided and saving me a small fortune, I look forward to purchasing many more barcodes in the future as my business and product range grow. – Sandertons UK (George Nwanna)

Business with Nationwide Barcode was good and professional. – Bogard Records

Tom Autry: Fast, easy to understand process.

Fadi from Grandma’s: Thank you so much for your prompt service. I’ve had an excellent experience in purchasing my own barcode through Nationwide Barcode. I did not get a chance to look through the entire documents sent (which was sent instantly by the way), but I will soon get to read it and enjoy launching my future business.

Keith Johnston from Bison Productions: Very please with Nationwide Barcode, fast turn around, good prices and innovative ideas to help your business reach new customers. – Website:

Zacc from The Custom Vinyl Shop: Easiest, Fastest, Most cost-effective barcodes on the internet! – Website:

Michael Lane from PINK SUN Ltd: Very good, fast efficient service, just what we need from a barcode supplier! Website:

Travis Smith from Discount Home Furnishings Inc.: Very Helpful and easy to deal with, a real lifesaver with my online products on Amazon.

From Little Glass Men:  Easy, Reliable, Quick

Stacey from Hard Cards: Nationwide Barcode was so easy to use and Phil Peretz (the owner) took my call personally to answer very specific questions I had. He had so much knowledge and really understood my needs immediately and then took time explaining to me my choices. I got off the phone KNOWING I would be working with him because his customer service was impeccable. I ordered my UPC codes (for the best price on the market, I might add) and immediately got them and started using them. The whole process was organized and easy to understand. I sound like an infomercial, but I seriously already told 3 different companies about Nationwide Barcode. – Website:

House of Lukaya: I was referred to your company by a fellow small business owner. The ordering process to buy a barcode was straightforward and i received my UPC barcodes right away. Prices were also better than I’d seen elsewhere. thanks! – Website:

Wind River Gifts from Mike @ Wind River:  Great experience. Good and quick customer service response. Far more professional than other firms we have dealt with. Highly recommended! – Website:

Zach from Zach’s Zombie Sauces-Marinades Inc.: What we received was exactly as promised and there’s no doubt we’d do business with National Barcode again! – Website:

Paige from Yah’s Best Products, LLC: We had another business refer us to Nationwide Barcode and it has enabled us to affordably put barcodes on ALL of our products (~75); therefore, making us more marketable to the food industry. We appreciate the price point that the bar codes are offered, the timeliness etc. We look forward to working with you more in the future and have shared your website with other small business looking to expand in an affordable way! – Website:

Cheryl from Fur Pets and For People:  This is my second order and I am just as pleased as my first order. Amazingly fast delivery! I will be back for more and will only buy my barcodes from Nationwide Barcode. Thank you! – Website:

Andrew from A.B.E. Productions – You did an awesome job. Thank You.

Dinora B. Arteaga from Nini Dinora LLC:  The experience was really great, I got a lot information and help. Is was a great pleasure to deal with Phil Peretz. – Website:

Mandy Voisin from RightWay Nutrition:  We have loved Nationwide Barcode. They have been very helpful to my company. We will always come to Nationwide Barcode for our UPC barcodes!

Linn Madsen from Savoy Sorbet:  Nationwide Barcode IS the best … that’s why I keep referring all my friends! Fully satisfied customer. Website:

Cynthia Mielke from Bamboo Source Tropical Decor:  Nationwide Barcode has provided us with the ability to grow the wholesale division of our business. I started researching bar code products after more and more of our new and existing customers requested bar codes on our products. This was my first experience with buying Bar Codes so I compared several products and companies. We found Nationwide Bar Code to offer the best value and were really pleased with the immediate delivery of our UPC, EAN and Graphic Bar Codes. We ordered 200 barcodes to start and the service is outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Nationwide Bar Code to anyone and we will definitely reorder additional bar codes as our company grows. Thank you Nationwide! Website:

Lisa Wheeler from Lisa’s Pet Supplies: Barcode worked great, easy to purchase and was just what I was looking for at a great price, to list items on Amazon. I will be back soon for more. Thank you!

From David Lewis:  Nationwide Barcode is a great company to do business with. I recently purchased a bar code from them and I had a little problem getting it to print, so I called them up on the phone and they walked me right through it. I am a very satisfied customer and will surely do business with them again.

James Moore from Sentinel Shops LLC:  Nationwide Barcode provides for quick and smooth transactions. UPC Barcodes worked perfectly will be purchasing more. Website:

Michel Robert from The Action Figure Archive:  I purchased 200 bar codes for use on Amazon (to sell items that came without a bar code). I did not need paper labels. The UPC codes were inexpensive, and they worked as expected. I am a satisfied customer.

Cheryl Kovalik from Fur Pets and For People:  This is my second purchase with Nationwide Barcode and I could not be happier. The ease of purchasing and the incredible swiftness of delivery of the UPC Barcodes has made me a lifetime customer for sure. I really appreciate it and am glad for the opportunity to say thanks! – Website:

Colourful Spaces: It was great dealing with Nationwide Barcode. The barcodes were delivered on time as promised. I had a few questions and was delighted that they were answered quickly.  I definitely recommend Nationwide Barcode to anyone who is looking to buy UPC barcodes. – Website:

Patricia from The Printed Word:  At this point I have only purchased one UPC from Nationwide Barcode, however, it was a very good experience. I purchased it on the Friday night before a holiday weekend. I still had my UPC Barcode number, certificate, and two Barcode jpgs the next day. I was impressed with the service. – Website:

Brian John Mitchell from Silber Records:  Nationwide Barcode gives you fast delivery of the UPC Barcode digital files & less expensive than a lot of places want to charge you for barcode registration at manufacturing. So save a few bucks, a barcode’s a barcode! – Website:

Ryan Hartz from ProMail | Field Force:  Great experience. We always need the barcode asap to begin printing for our customer’s orders. It is helpful to get them same day or 24 hours. – Website:

David Carava from Coast Paper & Supply:  Very Good Experience! Very fast and professional service !! – Website:

From Jerry Kenway:  I’m always cautious of doing business with new companies but I can say that Nationwide Barcode delivers the goods and service thank you and I will be back. – Website:

from AMAdea Music Ltd.:  We are using Nationwide Barcode since more than 1 year. We are pleased with their offers of barcodes packages and promotions. Nationwide Barcode ensure barcodes on competitive rates, provide fast and reliable service and always support us in any matter. Highly Recommended! – Website:

Wendy L. Wall from Off The Wall Design:  Nationwide Barcode has proved to be an extremely convenient tool for my business. I work exclusively with musicians and in this industry, the barcode number needs to be embedded in their CD master. It is fairly common for clients to request a barcode at the last minute when the mastering is essentially done but the studio can’t finish it until they get the barcode number. With Nationwide Barcode, the barcodes arrive quickly and the website is easy to use. I also like that I can pay using PayPal since it’s a great tool to keep business expenses in one place. Thanks, Nationwide Barcode! – Website:

Barton Blends from Polly Barton:  So affordable and easy to do. I have recommended you to my associates. – Website:

Brian from cellXpressions:  You guys are great! Good prices and excellent service will recommend to colleagues for UPC Barcodes! – Website:

Nathan Kurz from Scream LLC:  Good company, better than others on prices. I appreciate the information about UPC Barcodes available on your site, and also had a nice phone conversation with Phil. These UPC codes were the first that we bought. Coming from a tech background, my main problem is that the whole industry feels like a scam based on artificial scarcity: why is there any shortage of numbers? But seeing as I have to deal with someone in the field, you guys seem like the best of the bunch. Apologies for the faint but genuine praise. We’ll be back if we need more. 🙂

Marsha L. Brown from Jandar Records, LLC:  Nationwide Barcode is top of the line. Questions are answered quickly. The service is excellent and Nationwide Barcode President, Philip Peretz is very professional –  Website:

Angel Ballard from Blaxivory Records:  Doing business with Nationwide Barcode is the best company to use when you need barcodes. They have the best service when you need your barcodes fast, I got mine within 10 mins for my projects. If you need fast service they are the ones to call. – Website:

Tommy Vargas from Nacional Records: It’s been a wonderful experience. Barcodes are easy to obtain and use and we have not had a single issue any of the hundreds of barcodes we have used. Thanks, Nationwide Barcode – Website:

Paige from Yah’s Best Products, LLC:  Another business owner introduced us to Nationwide Barcode and we have been very pleased with the pricing and customer service! As business owner we are constantly striving to monitor costs while making sure our products are marketable in our industry. Thanks for offering an affordable product! – Website:

Stevie Hawkins from Emphasis Records/Atlanta Music Group:  After searching Google to find a barcode provider for the purchase of a barcode for a new CD release on my indie record label, I came upon NationWide Barcode. The key selling point for me other than the very reasonable pricing and barcode certification was, the fact Mr. Peretz provides very informative reads about barcodes, how they work, the what to’s and not to’s, and explains in-depth the legalities regarding barcode use and the sales of them. My purchase transaction was easy, went seamless, and within 24 hours of purchase, received the barcode in various image formats to accommodate my various needs, along with certification of the barcode. I can say without a doubt, future barcode purchases for my company will be made through NationWide Barcode: Stevie Hawkins – Emphasis Records/Atlanta Music Group – Atlanta/Nashville – Website:

Frank Ermel from CapeFear Sportswear:  Outstanding pricing and customer service. I would highly recommend Nationwide Barcode for your barcode requirements. Website:

Linn Madsen from Savoy Sorbet:  Doing business with Nationwide Barcode is a breeze. I have referred to many other food manufacturers to them and they have also been very satisfied. In fact, I need some more!! You get everything you need to put your products on the market and the assurance that the barcodes you purchase are authentic and uniquely yours. I am a 100% satisfied customer and so grateful for the ease in doing business, it’s simple and I do like simple. Thanks Phil. I’ll be sending a picture one of these days. – Website:

Products are top-notch quality- 2 different file formats delivered for each UPC number, very speedy delivery on the same day- usually 2-3 hours, professional website, way cheaper than other sites especially GS1, thanks very much, Matcha Mountains – Makers of organic matcha green tea blends – made in BC Canada! – Website:

Barbara from Life Openings:  Couldn’t be better. Always fast, great service. I have always been a pleasantly satisfied customer. – Website:

Shopper from Google Checkout Reviews:  Excellent Service. I had several questions before purchasing and these were answered within the hour and the barcode was delivered within abt 6 hours and it works perfectly!!

Ronald Brilliant from Absolute Athletics LLC: Good Service.

Lisa Hinson from Little Works, USA:  We love Nationwide Barcode!

Victor M. McLean from Virtuoso Music:  I needed to establish UPCs and bar codes for my new small music company. The cost of doing business with Nationwide Barcode allowed me to get my company off the ground, regardless of my company’s financial growth, I will always secure my bar codes and UPC’s from Nationwide Barcode.

Mickey Strain from Think Art LLC:  Fast, easy and great price. – Website:

Amanda from Lula Lingerie: Nationwide Barcode makes it very straightforward to order, quick service and good pricing. – Website:

M L Anderson JR from Colossal Productions: Sincerely satisfied with your services, no problems evident. Thanks.

Mike Payn from Carhampton eMart:  Excellent service, quick and easy plus competitive pricing. – Website:

First Contact Jerseys  – John M. Powell:  Nationwide was great to deal with. Phil is extremely helpful and very fast in responding to questions. I had my codes within an hour of placing my order. They work perfectly and my experience with Nationwide Barcode could not have been better. I would definitely recommend them and plan to use them again in the near future!

Igor Cheifot from Invictus Audio Inc.: Fast, Easy and absolutely hassle-free service for getting our UPC barcodes!  We got our order processed in no time and received the barcodes Nationwide Barcode…keep up the good work – Website:

John from Emersion Devices, LLC:  Nationwide Barcode makes it easy to buy with their low cost. – Website:

Bill Holland from Holland Computers, Inc.:  The first order I place with National Barcode was difficult, there was much I did not know about UPC and ISBN numbers. Not only did the representative answer all my questions but he also emailed me very detailed documents on UPC’s codes. Excellent customer service, and excellent response. Couldn’t ask for better service and better prices.   – Website: from Mark Ever:  Legit Company. They did what they said, I got clean virgin barcodes at a great price. Great for listing products on – Website:

Mildred L Batts from Millhouse Entertainment:  My experience with Nationwide Barcode is good thus far. We purchased it for the EP recording project we are currently completing. When all songs have been recorded, we will use the barcode for it. – Website:

Black Kettle Soap Company from Arricka Harrison:  It has been a pleasure working with Nationwide Barcode. My barcodes are always received promptly. Quick, easy and convenient, plus great customer service! – Website: