Our friends at Pacific Barcode are your fast and reliable source for UPC Barcode Labels.

In order to purchase preprinted barcode labels you must first have your UPC numbers.

  • Choose from Fanfold Labels or Labels Printed on Rolls.
  • Order from 250 to 30,000 labels per order right online (You may place multiple orders).
  • Add your information (UPC numbers, headers, and footers if desired.
  • Proof your label online.


Fanfold Labels are your best choice if need a number of different UPC labels printed. You may have multiple UPC barcodes labels printed within the stack.

These paper labels have permanent adhesive and are ideal for manual application on a variety of surfaces.

Labels on Rolls are very convenient if you are going to use a handheld or automated dispenser or just want the labels on a roll.

These paper labels have permanent adhesive and are perfect for affixing to a variety of surfaces.

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