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This page is for ordering and purchasing UPC and EAN Barcode Numbers and Graphics. To place your order, enter your order information below. 

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We provide UPC and EAN bar code numbers, EAN and UPC barcode graphics, a list of all of your numbers, a certificate of authenticity, phone & email support and a Support & Resources Guide. We are a US based company, EANs, although usable world-wide will being with zero (US Country Code). UPCs, since used exclusively in the US and Canada do not have a visible country code.

You will need one UPC/EAN for each product that you are selling regardless of the quantity of items being sold. (example: If you have 1 item and are producing 10,000 of these, you need one barcode.)

Periodically we have discount codes available, It’s your responsibility to use the discount code at time of purchase. We will not refund orders if you fail to use the discount code.

All orders of 50,000 barcodes or less are generated and delivered automatically. If you need more than 50,000 bar code numbers, submit a support ticket with your information.

In order to protect our customers and the legitimacy of all barcodes sold, once the order is placed, we have a no-refund, no-return policy.