Shipping Container Barcodes GTIN-14

A Shipping Container Barcode (also known as a Shipping Container Code, Shipping Container Symbol or a GTIN-14)  is used on the outside of your master cartons and recommended or required by many mid-to large retailers who are automating their incoming inventory processes

The UPC Shipping Container Symbol is very similar to the Universal Product Code. This symbology is called interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF). The major difference between this barcode and a UPC barcode is the lines at the top and bottom of the barcode. These are called Bearer Bars.

The Barcode is comprised of 4 groups.

1) – Packaging Indicator. We recommend that you assign a number ranging from 1 to 7 for the first digit. If you have a container that has 12 and another container that has 36, you assign different numbers to each.  This is very flexible.

2) The next number is a ZERO. This is required.

3) The next 11 digits are the first 11 digits from the UPC barcode used for the item inside.

4) The final (14th digit) is a check digit….we create this with our software


Enter your existing UPC barcode number and select your packaging indicator from the drop down menu.

We provide these graphics at 5.95″ wide x 2″ tall. Text underneath (the barcode numbers) is 16pt. This ensures that the Shipping Container Barcode can easily be read by automated scanning equipment.

After you order, we will send you two versions by e-mail:  JPG and EPS. The JPG is 600 dpi and the EPS is a scalable vector image.

Turnaround is Same Day (Monday thru Friday) – $20.00 per graphic. If you need 5 or more, please call. To purchase please use the order form below. BE SURE TO SELECT THE SHIPPING CONTAINER OPTION

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