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Legal Barcodes, Quick, Easy, Affordable – One time Charge, No renewal fees…ever. All UPC or EAN numbers, Barcode Graphics, Certificate of Authenticity and Ownership are digitally delivered immediately.

We verify and validate the bar code and check-digit. We make sure that all numbers are accurate and all barcode graphics are scannable.

In addition to our lowest barcode prices on the internet, we are verified by UPC barcode inventor, George Laurer, we provide lightning fast delivery of your barcode with guaranteed accuracy.

Nationwide Barcode is your knowledgeable solutions-partner for UPC and EAN barcodes.
All prices include both UPC and EAN codes and Graphics.  Once you place your order, you will be directed to a download area where you can get your barcodes now!

When you purchase from Nationwide Barcode you receive:

  • Lightning Fast Service
  • No Annual Fees, No Hidden Charges
  • Free phone or email support
  • UPC and EAN Numbers (UPC are used in US/Canada and can be read worldwide — EAN are used in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America)
  • Excel spreadsheet with all of your barcode numbers
  • EPS (scalable vector) and 600 dpi JPEG
  • Certificate of Authenticity/Transfer of Ownership
  • Instructions with resources for sticker or label printing
  • FREE eBook: Barcodes Demystified – Info on Shipping Container Barcodes, Coupon Codes, Barcode Colors and Sizes. How to communicate with your retailers, etc.
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