EAN and UPC Barcodes for Amazon

Nationwide Barcode is your source for inexpensive EAN and UPC barcodes which will satisfy most barcode requirement from Amazon and other online resellers. We guarantee the legitimacy and the uniqueness of numbers.
All of the UPC barcode prefixes that we own are 6 digit prefixes and all predate 2002 allowing us to resell the prefixes that we own.Quoting the UCC/GS1 Settlement web site:

This Settlement provides that companies who became members of UCC before August 28, 2002, are not obligated to pay membership renewal fees to UCC to maintain membership as a condition for their use of Company Prefixes issued to them by UCC, or as a condition for Basic Membership Benefits as defined in the Class Settlement Agreement. Class members who have paid a renewal fee to UCC are entitled to compensation from a $3,895,000 settlement fund. The settlement also provides that the “licensing agreement,” which accompanied UCC renewal fee invoices, is null and void as to those who became members in UCC before August 28, 2002. **

We own these prefixes, create 100,000 UPCs from each one and after taking out any individual UPCs that were previously used, sell the remaining unused ones. Should you go to the GS1 website to see the original registry name, it will be the original prefix holder name. Because of the way that prefixes are listed, no matter what number you enter from the prefix (example: 123456xxxxxx), the GS1 will feed back the same information — the original prefix holder name.

If you are tied into Amazon’s EDI system, you will need to have a direct relationship with the GS1 for your UPCs or EANs.  There is no other working option for this.

For other types of listings:
Amazon doesn’t check the validity or the ownership of codes except rarely when a seller reports a problem with a listing.

Amazon may check the UPC Prefix against the GS1 database and tell you the name on the GS1 database is not the same as your company. Our business model is to only sell GS1-originated UPCs. We’ve received these codes from companies which no longer need them and predate August 2002 and then resell them to you. If we change the name of the company with the GS1, we would need to agree to the post-2002 terms and conditions meaning that we couldn’t subdivide the codes and would have to pay yearly renewal fees. We have care and control of the prefixes and you will own that subset purchased.

Amazon is currently modifying the way that they are allowing data to be submitted.  In some cases, when you submit products with UPCs to Amazon, they will compare the original trade name associated to the prefix with the GS1 database.  You will need to either test this by trial and error or contact Amazon Seller Support.

Prior to purchasing a large quantity, we recommend that you buy a few and test your listings with Amazon first.

To make it very easy, we provide a spreadsheet of all numbers along with a certificate of authenticity indicating that you own the numbers purchased.

We also provide all graphic files (the actual barcode images) so you can also use these should you need to add the barcode image to your products for Amazon or any other retail outlets where you are selling your products.

When it comes to UPC barcodes, Retailers tend to have two different reasons to have these products barcoded.

First, they are using the barcode to help track inventory and to make sure that the correct price is being conveyed to the customer. Then, they are making your products available through Smart Phone Applications. Amazon data is streamed to their own ‘Amazon Price Check’ application and Shop Savvy and a variety of others.

In the brick and mortar retail environment, the manufacturer gets barcodes for their products, assigns one barcode to each product and then conveys this barcode number and product details to the retail stores. The retail store enters this information into their inventory management system that is tied in to their electronic cash registers (POS or Point of Sale Systems). When an item is scanned at the cash register, it pulls the information from the inventory management system so the customer is charged the correct amount of money. Then, the quantity purchased is deducted from inventory so the retailer can electronically manage inventory.

Amazon uses barcodes the very same way. If you are selling items that don’t currently have barcodes or if you are bundling items together to create a new item, you are the manufacturer who will be assigning barcodes to these products. If you are selling items that have original manufacturer barcodes, you will need to use those.

When you purchase from Nationwide Barcode, you get BOTH a UPC and an EAN barcode number by immediately digital delivery.

GS1 Originated UPCs/EANs – Volume Pricing

UPC/EAN QuantityUnit PriceTotalSale EachSale TotalSAVE
10,000$0.07$700.00 $0.05$500.00$200.00

According to Amazon:
Starting in August 2008, our systems will require a UPC barcode  for products listed in the Home and Garden store. Items without UPCs create challenges for both Amazon and our merchants, but more importantly, they degrade the shopping experience for our customers due to duplicate product listings and incorrect search matches. While we have always advised merchants to provide a UPC for each of their listings, we have not required it until now.

Currently, we require a Universal Product Code (UPC) or a European
Article Numbers (EAN) for many products submitted through our Create a Product Detail Page feature. We require this identifying data for the
following products:

* Baby Products (UPC or EAN)
* Camera & Photo (UPC or EAN)
* Electronics (UPC or EAN)
* Home, Kitchen & Garden (UPC or EAN)
* Music CD or Cassette (UPC or EAN)
* Musical Instruments (UPC or EAN)
* Software (UPC or EAN)
* Tools & Hardware (UPC or EAN)
* Toys & Games (UPC or EAN)
* Video & DVD (UPC)

If the item you would like to sell falls under one of the categories
listed above and does not have the required product identifier, it
cannot be listed using the Create a Product Detail Page feature.
However, if the item being sold was manufactured or printed prior to
the establishment of UPC codes, you can write to our Seller
Performance group to request permission to create the catalog page
without the UPC. You can contact this department via email using the
following address:

Nationwide Barcode can be a quick, affordable and legal way to get your products on Amazon.

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